Message from the President

Social responsibility: it’s a fancy way of saying that an organization is committed to "doing good." Health care in Illinois — and across America — is evolving rapidly. What isn’t changing is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois’ dedication to “doing good” for the people we serve and the Illinois communities that we too, call home.

Certainly, our community partners appreciate our financial support and charitable gifts. However, throughout our 75-year commitment to Illinois, it has never been about simply writing checks. It’s about volunteering our time, talents and energy. It’s about sharing ideas. It’s doing what needs to be done to make a lasting and meaningful difference in a community.

Through this annual review, you’ll see how we’re working community by community, partner by partner, to accomplish big things. As a local, customer-owned company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) focuses on the things that matter to our neighbors and members. Yes, a lot of things change. But, our mission, values and commitment to you remain the same as they were on my first day here 32 years ago.

Quite simply, we believe the interests of our members and communities are our top priorities. Through these stories we’re privileged to share, I hope and believe that you too appreciate our efforts aimed at doing good for others.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois